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I began my TTC journey in January 2005. It finally worked with the 5th IUI and along came Eliana! I started trying for a second (T42) a little over a year later, and was thrilled to get pregnant on the second try this time. Jacob soon joined our family! Not sure if I am done at two, but come along for my journey in motherhood. If you stop by, please leave me a short note! I like to know when I have visitors. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bad case of writer's block

Freaking out here. Four more days (not including this evening) until my four papers are due. It would be easiest if that meant one paper a day, but since I have staff meeting tomorrow after school, and then of course it is good TV night, I doubt that is going to happen. So, we are looking at 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I am really feeling the pressure right now.


All I want to do is sleep. LOL. I think I am about to head to bed before 9 for the third night in a row. Although, tonight I think it is probably due to a sugar high...I made brownies for no good reason. :)


BTW, Carrie, are you still out there in blogland? Your link isn't working...

Monday, March 28, 2005


Just a quick update.

My parents left today, a day early, because of snow in the passes. It has been beautiful weather for months, and then it decides to snow in the passes this weekend. My dad also didn't get to go golfing this trip as he had really hoped to. I felt bad because I kept telling them how nice it was, and it had been...until they came. The real kicker is that this afternoon, it was sunny again. LOL

We had a good visit though it was rather short. My parents and I visited with my aunt on Saturday and some other relatives on Sunday. I went over and helped with Easter dinner on Sunday. All I really did was make a salad, set the table, and serve dessert. Oh well. While at the other relatives later, the woman said she would like to teach me how to handquilt. She has MS and can't use on of her hands, but she thinks she can tell me what to do. I think it will be fun once I get school stuff out of the way.

The cleaners never did arrive. I called about every 30 minutes but noone ever picked up. I left messages each time and the last one I said I didn't need them anymore and would not be calling them again. I can't believe they didn't even call to apologize.

My car is finally home. They called about 30 minutes after my parents got here on Friday so mom and I went to pick it up and I took her shopping after.

My papers are not done. Not one of them. There are four. I am totally freaking out as they are due a week today....This will be a long stressful week.

I am 6 days past ovulation (dpo) today. I peed on an internet cheapie HPT to see if the trigger shot was out of my system yet. It was, so I can now start testing at 10dpo and not worry about false positives...No real symptoms at the moment. I don't hold out a lot of hope this cycle since the sperm motility was so bad postwash. I called the sperm bank to see if they had vials of the guy I want to order. They had 80 available so i am not too worried at the moment. I also ordered his profile since I never got it last time. They had accidentally sent it with the sperm (to the clinic) instead of to my house. His profile will get here tomorrow. I hope I still like him after seeing the long profile...I just can't decide when to order the sperm...I am a planner...I would feel better getting it ordered and out of the way, but then again, it seems silly to order when I am be pregnant (and in which case, I would order more of the guy who got my pregnant so I could have full siblings).

Well, so much for the short update.

Friday, March 25, 2005

So much for the easy way of cleaning...

They were supposed to be here at 11:00 am. It is now 1:51pm and I have now swept all floors, wiped down all counters, dusted and cleaned the toilets. I am taking a lunch break and would still like them to arrive to mop the floors and clean the bathtub, but I no longer expect them to arrive.

I also need to call about my car which HOPEFULLY will be ready today and if it is, exchange his van for my car. My parents are expected any time after 3:30ish..

I am so not impressed with these house cleaners. I had even thought I might splurge and have them come every two weeks or so once pregnant...what's the use? They are more stress than the cleaning itself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The cat is out of the bag...

So, my mom called tonight. I thought it was a bit odd that she was calling the night before they are leaving to come see me...about 5 minutes into the conversation, she goes, "So what's this I hear about you trying to get pregnant?"

Stunned, I say, "I'm trying to get pregnant." LOL. I really didn't know what to answer to that. Anyway, so she asked a lot of questions like how I picked a donor (she was really bent on having an intelligent donor, I told her I was more interested in good family health history), questions about how it works, where I was at (when I told her I had an IUI yesterday, she asked if I felt nauseous yet LOL), the odds of conceiving, and of course, what about my health.

In all, the conversation went pretty well, and I am happy that I don't have to worry about hiding all the TTC stuff anymore.

I am so lazy...

and going to be so broke soon. LOL

I did it. I actually called a maid service to come on Friday so I wouldn't have to deal with the cleaning aspect of getting ready for my parents. I still need to straighten up and clean their bedroom, and hide the TTC stuff, but I don't have to worry about sweeping and mopping and scrubbing. LOL.

Now, the plan, is that I am taking Friday off of school as a personal leave day and going to work on writing my papers. Hopefully, I follow through and don't end up playing hours and hours of Sims like I did this last weekend..

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Interesting day...

I practically kicked a student out the door I was so excited about the impending insemination. I left school at 2:20 exactly and was in Seattle way too early..around 2:45, so I parked the car in a free parking area about a mile away and just sat there and read the brochure from the quilt show on Sunday.

Just before 3, I drove over to the clinic and went to the deli and had a sandwich because for some reason I was really really hungry. This probably ended up being a very smart move as I didn't get home until just now (6). I ate my sandwich rather quickly and head upstairs by around 3:20 and checked in.

About 10-15 minutes later, someone comes to get me and we go into the exam room. About another 5-10 minutes later the nurse comes in to do the insemination. I tell her how incredibly painful it was last time. She tells me that she knows this because it is on my chart and it says to use the large speculum. I tell her that I think the large speculum may have been the cause of all the pain last time.

So, she agrees to try the regular speculum. She tries and decides that she needs a long speculum, not a large one. (years ago, at a Pap test at the university, one doctor had told me I had a long vagina, but noone else had ever said anything...) She heads out and comes back with a long speculum. She warms it up under the water again and tries again. It was uncomfortable, but nowhere near the pain of last time. After three tries, she says she just can't get to my cervix because it is pointing "towards your bum". So, she says she is going to go get a doctor to do it.

She leaves and comes back in a couple minutes. She tells me that she tried to get a female doctor or the other nurse, but none of them were there, and so Dr. S. was coming. While we wait she explains that she was worried about hurting me since I had had such a bad experience last time, so she wanted to stop after 3 tries.

Dr. S. comes in a couple minutes later, says almost nothing to me, and does a manual exam to first feel where my cervix is...***(the rest of this paragraph is too much information...LOL..I warned you)***. Now, during a physical/pap test, doctors frequently do an "internal" exam, but holy cow...Here was this old man that I had never seen to before trying hard has he might to reach my cervix with his hand...I won't describe in more detail, because I don't know how to without it sounding pornographic..LOL, but if you keep in mind the long vagina, you can probably get the picture.

In any case, he finds my cervix eventually, wets the speculum, and abracadabra, it is in place before I know it and with _NO_ Pain. The nurse asks if I mind if she asks him so questions so that she can learn how to do it so well and I don't really care. Before I know it, the insemination is done, the speculum is out and he says that if I am not pregnant this month, the next person will probably call him again.

I thanked him and the nurse profusely for the painless procedure and did my 20 minute wait thing (this time they had the ultrasound monitor on, so I could see the time).

That is the end of the IUI story...now a continuation on my car trauma.

I finally got my car back on Thursday last week. Everything seemed to be fine. I didn't go anywhere on Saturday, but Sunday I went to pick up my aunt and then drove about 20-30 miles to the quilt show, returned my aunt, and went home (in all, probably about 75-90 miles). When I got home, there was an email from my aunt saying to call them right away because my uncle thought my car might be leaking. He tells me to put paper underneath and check in an hour. I do, but think that it is just rainwater because of where it is. (I didn't put the paper in the right place). Anyway, so Monday when I get home from my appointment, I see that there is a big puddle on the floor of the garage, 13 hours after leaving the house..I figure, this can't be water anymore.

So, today, after school while this poor student was frantically trying to write a quiz, I called to ask about warranty on their service and they said to bring it by this afternoon. So, after my IUI, I drive straight there. They immediately say yes it is leaking quite profusely and they don't know why. And...they need to keep my car, for probably 2 days. I say how I am so tired of rented cars and it is expensive etc. So, the mechanic lent me his van! LOL. I couldn't believe it.

Monday, March 21, 2005

An egg! An egg!

And not an Easter egg;)

I had my ultrasound this afternoon. When Dr. PainfulIUI (aka Dr. Pain) came in, I told her that I wasn't very hopeful for this cycle since my temps were all wacky and she asked me "so no side effects from the clomid?" (see! I am NOT crazy for thinking that lack of side effects can correlate with the drug working).

My lining was 10. She says that is OK, they want to see larger than 8, but I think it sounds kinda thin. Plus, she said it was homogenous as opposed to the layered type of lining they like to see...

Then, she moved the magic wand around and looked at the right ovary. Nothing.

She moved the wand off the other direction...and...A BIG FAT FOLLICLE! Actually, it really was quite large..23mm. I guess maybe I should have gone in on cd14 (yesterday) after all. LOL

But, since I was still not getting a positive OPK (I checked about an hour before going to the clinic), I got an HCG trigger shot. On the SMC lists and boards, women often talk about having to get up at strange hours to give themselves this shot, but they just gave it to me there and told me to come in for the IUI tomorrow. So, I will be going in for the IUI at 23.5 hours post trigger...hope that is OK.

She remembered giving me my last IUI and I reminded her how painful it was. So, she said, tell the nurse that it is hard to find your cervix and to use the large speculum right away. OH. MY. GOD. No, I don't want the large speculum, that was likely the culprit as to why I was in so much pain. It had nothing to do with finding my cervix and everything to do with her complete incompetence. Thankfully, she told she wouldn't be there tomorrow so wouldn't be able to do my IUI.

After my appointment, it took me a good hour to get home cause traffic was awful. When I was pulling into my garage, I notice there is a huge stain on the ground and it is still wet. YEsterday, my uncle told me he thought my car might be leaking, and I said I thought it was just water cause it was raining...well, surely it would have dried by then. It had been 24 hours since I had brought my car into the garage from the rain to this time...Crap. I will have to give up my car (and rent another one) AGAIN. But, I can't do it tomorrow, because I have to drive into Seattle for the IUI and won't have enough time.

Finally, I am immensely tired tonight. I had plans to come home and write a paper for my comprehensive exam, maybe do some cleaning. But I am absolutely exhausted and have a headache...I am blaming it on the trigger shot. Hopefully it wears off by morning..

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Easter conundrum and other things..

So, as I think I mentioned earlier, my parents have decided to come out this Easter. I was pretty happy about that and I thought my aunt was going to be happy to see them. My mom was worried that it might upset her, but I said I didn't think so.

I was wrong.

I emailed my aunt on Friday night when I heard about my parents trip, and just asked how she felt about having two more people for Easter dinner because my parents were thinking of coming out. I received an email back from her about an hour later, a forwarded message, no note. I waited at the computer for about another 20 minutes thinking she was going to respond. Nothing so I went to bed.

The next day, I call her to set plans for the quilt show today. She never mentions anything about the email so finally I ask her. She tells me that she doesn't think she wants to visit with them at Easter, but she could see them Saturday and have her husband and son help her with dinner (you may recall that I had agreed to cook Easter dinner for her at her house about a month ago...). I tried to reason with her, but she would have nothing of it.

So, I call my parents and let them know that if they are coming out with the purpose of seeing and visiting with me, then come. However, they are coming out to see her, then this may not be the right time. We agree that I will tell her that I am still coming to cook dinner on Sunday and that they will go visit other family and friends that day. I email my aunt back telling her the same and finalizing plans for the quilt show (leaving here in about an hour...)

I guess I will see what she has to say today...

Other news. Well, today is cd14 and absolutely no hints of a line on the OPK. My temperature is totally wacky and I am worried that this cycle is another bust. I go in for a follicle check tomorrow after school...I don't know what to do if there is nothing again. Do I give up right away like I did last cycle? Do I hold out in hopes of an egg later in the cycle? This is also complicated by the fact that my parents will be here right around my "usual" O times cd20-23. They don't know my plans, or at least, I have not told them my plans...so that will be awkward if I am still waiting to O and peeing on OPKs and then running into Seattle for an IUI...

Last little pondering of the morning. I received a brochure in the mail yesterday about cord blood. What got me hooked into reading the pamphlet was the fact that in the future possibilities section they mentioned diabetes (both I and my dad have) and Parkinsons (my aunt). It costs about 2000 dollars from what I can tell plus a yearly storage fee. Is it worth it? I don't know...I mean, there is no guarantee that they will have found ways to use the cord blood when I or someone in my family will need it, nor that it would even be a match..Of couse, there is also no guarantee that I will ever get pregnant in which case this is moot..LOL. Anyway, I have been thinking about it...

Have a great day everyone..it is rainy and windy here, much like the last time my aunt and I went to this quilt show. LOL

Friday, March 18, 2005

Free time this weekend??!!

LOL. What made me think I might have some free time this weekend? LOL. My parents are coming next weekend for Easter...must get to work cleaning! (they just told me this tonight)

Back from the video store

I decided that I might need something this weekend to keep me busy, so I went to Blockbuster. It has been about 2 years or so since I was last in Blockbuster, and I was stunned to find that they did not have VHS! Only DVDs! I do have a DVD player, but not in the room I wanted to watch a movie in...so that sucks.

Who would have thought that the video store wouldn't have videos???? What has this world come to?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Students, masters, procrastinating, and the like...

Just a hodgepodge post to let all of you in blogland know I am still alive.

I have not replied to comments the past week, but I do intend to soon...I appreciate your comments but have been busy (as always).

Students: Two strange stories of students from this past week.

First story. Last Thursday (the fateful day that my car died), at the beginning of second period, a student from 5th period comes into my room and asks, "Can I borrow your car?". Imagine my incredulity. I reply, "What??!! NO!". The student pleads and I continue to say no and finally he leaves. Now, come on, who in their right mind asks their teacher if they can borrow their car???? LOL. (5th period I find out that actually all he wants to do is change my tires for some class project...I still say no and the next day when he asks again I tell him that it is a good thing he didn't borrow my car on Thursday because on the way home it died and I would have blamed him)

Second story is not quite as bizarre, just odd. On Friday last week, at the beginning of 2nd period again, a former student shows up at my door. He motions to come there, but I am not sure if he is talking to me or what and before I figure that out, he just moves into the room and asks me if I need a T.A. for that period. I tell him that, sure, I could use him. Seconds later, in walks student from the day before, again asking to borrow my car, to which I say no again that it is now in the shop, and the former student leaves. All day, I feel kinda guilty, like I didn't answer that student correctly because I got distracted by the student who wanted my car. Then I get to thinking how strange it is that this student would ask ME if he could work with me...I mean, I don't have him at all this year, I actually called his parents on two occassions about different issues (behaviour once, inappropriate discussions about alcohol another time). Just strange. In the end, I emailed the counselor (who makes schedule changes) and said I was interested in having him as a TA, but she tells me he was supposed to be someone else's TA and she would get back to me. She never does get back to me, and I checked his schedule yesterday and he is still in physics that period..so who knows.

In other news..

Monday was my last class period for my Masters. The other students asked me what I was doing to celebrate, I told them I was going to sleep, and by 8:30pm, I was happily drifted off into dreamland.

Tonight, I am trying to write the last paper for this quarter. It is a 3-5 page reflection paper due by midnight. I actually started the evening thinking it was 2 pages...so now I am even more stressed. I hate reflection papers with a passion. I think what is even worse is that they grade them...how can you put a grade on someone's reflections?? that just seems wrong.

Well, I suppose I should get back to writing. Since TV has been hijacked by basketball, I won't be missing too much at least...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Church Saga continued...

So this morning at church, I went in, found the women's table in the foyer, grabbed the paper with the Gclub info on it, and guess what?

Yep, patterns of grace (the other one I had emailed about..but never received a response) was no longer listed. I was very unhappy.

Then I went in, sat down, grabbed the welcome card and wrote on it that I had been attending for a year (truth is it has been a year and a half, but attendance maybe like 3/4 year) and that it just seemed wrong that I still didn't know one person's name. I mentioned that I tried the singles meeting and was the only childless person and that the whole reason I seek out singles groups is that it is too painful to be reminded that I am single and childless. I also said that I couldn't attend the women's groups because it was either on thursday morning when I obviously have to work since I am single or monday evening when I have class.

I seriously planned on putting the card in the offering basket, but I didn't...sigh. I am such a chicken.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Sheer exhaustion

I have so much to do. Must finish paper by midnight, read four research articles and tidy house before my project partner shows up tomorrow morning...

BUT, all I have wanted to do since getting home at 4, is crawl into bed...Could it be the Clomid? Might it be working? Man I hope so...

What a nightmare..

So, yesterday after school we have a department meeting. We received an agenda with an email attached earlier that day specifying that it was a "short" meeting. Obviously, we don't all agree on what "short" means. But, I survived.

I was happy to get out of school by 3:40 and thought, I am going to stop and pick up Chinese food for dinner and then work on my many papers before good TV starts at 8:00. Well, you may know the saying, "The way to make God laugh is to make plans."

As I was pulling into the little shopping centre where the Chinese place is (around 4:00), my car starts lurching forward, then stops. I keep trying desperately to get it to move, and it makes one lsat lurch forward (mostly) into a parking stall. Granted, the parking stall was a handicapped spot, but I really hadn't PLANNED on my car dying right there...

Now, I had a cell phone a couple years ago, but it seemed rather pointless to be paying 30 bucks a month for something I used maybe once every 4-6 months for a few minutes, so I cancelled the service.

Fortunately, my car chose to break down at a shopping centre, and not on the side of the freeway, so I went inside and called the Roadside assistance people. It takes her forever to get all the info, and then get a hold of the towing people, only to find that she pushed the wrong button on her computer and lost all the information and we had to start over. About 25 minutes later, she tells me a tow truck will be on its way in 30-40 minutes and that the cost should be about 45 dollars.

I then call Jan to see if I can catch a ride to school in the morning, call Ford to tell them I am on my way, go buy my Chinese food and eat it there while waiting for the tow truck (bad thing really...because I didn't have my pills to take with my food, so my blood sugar was SKY HIGH).

Eventually, the tow truck comes. He can't get the car's wheels to turn backwards to tow it...AND he only had one "dolly" (you need two) for some reason, so had to call another of his towing buddies to come and lend him a dolly. Eventually, by 5:20, we are on our way to Ford. We get there, fill out all the paperwork for the mechanics, service guy tells me that it looks like a big deal and will need to be there until Monday, so he calls the car rental place to come pick me up. I go back to my car to fill out paperwork for the towing guy who is STILL unattaching my car. It takes him another 25 minutes to get the paperwork ready, with the Enterprise lady sitting there waiting for me.

Finally, I am done there and go to Enterprise. I had my choice of lots and lots of cars, but was just so tired and so unhappy about my car dying, that I thought it wasn't a good thing to rent something I would want (SUV...desperately want an SUV), so I chose a Cavalier. Now, my car before my Focus was a cavalier, and let me tell you, they used to be quite a bit bigger. I got in the car and it was SO uncomfortable. The steering wheel seemed super close, the pedals super far, I only BARELY got the seatbelt closed. BUT, it was after 6:00 and I was exhausted and wanted to get home. I left.

This morning, during second period, the service guy calls and tells me, yes, it is indeed the transmission that is dead on my 2000 Ford Focus, and it is going to cost me 3200 dollars and the car won't be ready until Wed.

After school, I was reminded of how much I hated the car I had rented, so I filled up the gas tank, and took it back to Enterprise and tried to exchange. Now, they have only more of the same car I have or pickups. So, I have a pickup. It wouldn't be the end of the world, I suppose, but it doesn't fit into my garage, and parking at SPU on Monday night for my last class is going to be impossible (parallel parking with a pickup? Are you kidding me????)

Oh, the nightmare never ends...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dreaming again...

I don't know what to make of it. I didn't think about them at all yesterday and nothing I watched seems related...

I had another dream of the children I used to babysit. This time there were really only two that I was talking to, the two that I was most connected to: the youngest and the oldest. I ran into them or something and we sat down and just started talking and sharing our lives for the past 10 or so years since I had spoken to them last. Despite offering to do other things (look at pictures for examples), we kept refusing and just kept talking and talking...They thanked me for being there for them through a really rough time (dad ended up going to jail one year after I went away to college...horrific story) and we talked about me kinda disappearing after that...

What does this mean? Why do I keep dreaming about them? I am glad that they are happy dreams, but I have no idea what they mean..

Dreaming again...

I don't know what to make of it. I didn't think about them at all yesterday and nothing I watched seems related...

I had another dream of the children I used to babysit. This time there were really only two that I was talking to, the two that I was most connected to: the youngest and the oldest. I ran into them or something and we sat down and just started talking and sharing our lives for the past 10 or so years since I had spoken to them last. Despite offering to do other things (look at pictures for examples), we kept refusing and just kept talking and talking...They thanked me for being there for them through a really rough time (dad ended up going to jail one year after I went away to college...horrific story) and we talked about me kinda disappearing after that...

What does this mean? Why do I keep dreaming about them? I am glad that they are happy dreams, but I have no idea what they mean..

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Ultrasound scheduled

Well, I called yesterday to set my follicle check appointment. I made it for cd15 just to stir things up a bit and see if that one extra day helps anything..LOL.

The bad news is that my RE will be on maternity leave by then. I was so bummed. I thought I had one more cycle before she would leave...and you know who is taking over her patients while she is out? That's right. Dr. PainfulIUI. (AKA Dr. Pain). I tried to get my u/s scheduled with someone else but there were no openings in the afternoon...this does not bode well for the IUI. If I can't get in to see a different doctor with two weeks notice, I won't be able to get in with one day's notice...sigh. Hopefully Dr. Pain has learned something since January....

Sunday, March 06, 2005

CD1, here we go again!

OK, for whatever reason, AF came before I even took my last Provera this morning!

That's OK. I am excited to get going again. I will be on to 150 mgs Clomid days 3-7 this cycle. Tomorrow I will call in to schedule my follicle check. I won't go in on cd14 this cycle because that falls on a very busy Saturday for me. (the Lakeside Rummage Sale and the Monroe Quilt show...both on the same weekend!!) My RE suggested coming in a day or two later anyway, and so I will try to schedule it for Sunday, cd15, but if she won't be in that day, or will schedule it for Monday, cd16. It seems the longer I do this, the more relaxed I get about everything..LOL.

Well, I finished one paper late last night, but that was the short paper. Now I am working on my ESL research paper. I am writing a paper on anxiety and language learning. Anyone interested in writing it for me?;) LOL. Better yet, you could write my research evaluation final project on inclusion in special education. You must show two sides of the argument, use at least 8 research articles, at least one meta-analysis. There is also a 20 minute presentation that goes along with that one..I would appreciate it if you wrote that for me too;) Thanks everyone! LOL

Edited to add: I spoke to soon I guess. AF was here maybe an hour yesterday and then went away. So I have put my chart back to just spotting...but I don't think it will be long before she comes for good. The cramping is increasing...

Saturday, March 05, 2005



Yep, that is what I heard 5 minutes ago as I was working diligently on my list of papers to be written.

About 30 minutes ago, I was a bit restless and went into the kitchen. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I needed something...I was debating making a pot of coffee, going out to Starbucks to get a latte, or making some instant coffee. I finally decided I would make a cup of instant (decaf) with some nonfat sweetened condensed milk, a variation on the real things (caff coffee and real fat sweetened condensed milk) that I had grown so fond of in Africa.

The first cup I made, I put way too much instant coffee in, and had to dump out. Then I fought with getting the very slow moving sweetened condensed milk out of the can for the second cup. Finally, it was ready and I went back into the craft/computer room to work on my paper. and then...


What in the world was that?? For a brief moment, I think, this is what life will be like when you have a child...LOL, and then head into the kitchen. What do I see? I see Spaz (one of my cats) on the floor with creamy goo all over her and the can of sweetened condensed milk oozing out all over my floor! LOL

I must say it was pretty funny really.

Spaz was not impressed that I wouldn't let her lick the floor clean, but I am letting her lick herself clean...I don't think I could handle bathing her by myself...

Well, back to "self-talk and female youth soccer performance"...

Friday, March 04, 2005

Long weekend ahead

It is only Friday night and I am stressing out about doing all that I need to this weekend. Here is my list of papers to be written this weekend:

Evaluation paper of research article 12 due Monday at 4:30

Reseach Evaluation final paper - This is a group project, but as usual, my partner is doing little to nothing. Paper due next Monday along with a 20 minute presentation. I want to write the paper this weekend and worry about the presentation next weekend...but, this may not happen. I must however read the 12 research articles needed to write the paper this weekend.

Models of teaching final paper due March 11th (this is next Friday, but I never have time during the week to write papers...)

ESL Research paper due Monday by midnight. I haven't begun at all and need to find some peer-reviewed research articles for the paper.

ESL reflection paper due March 17th. This paper can (and likely will) be put on hold until next weekend.

That is all for the papers..I also have the usual weekly assignments in all three classes (lectures, text readings, additional readings, postings and responses).

The great news is that as of March 14th, I will be done all my coursework for my Masters, and the 17th I will finish this ESL class too. I asked for my comprehensive exam next week. I probably should have held off another week...but I really wanted to see it! LOL. :) I get one month to write that and then everything will be done for my Master's. :)

Oh, and I have been invited to a piano recital on Sunday (well, was also invited to one on Sat, but said there was no way I could do both). Will try to make it, but not too likely...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Call..

OK, so I had just about given up on him calling me back after the missed call on Saturday morning. But, tonight, it finally came in.

We had a nice chat about my life (TTC) and his life. He and his girlfriend have moved to near where I once lived 9 years ago, that was pretty funny. They are still planning on getting married one day (if he can pay off the ring...for which I would think he would need a job, but that's just me) and apparently they are trying for a baby now. Not the order I would do things (baby and then marriage), but hey, that's just me. LOL. His brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes...small world, huh? He also gave me his phone number and address in case I ever have any news (let's hope that third cycle is the charm, huh?)

In all, it was a pleasant conversation, and I didn't feel the deep twinge that I usually do. It was there, of course, but not too bad at all, really.

In other news, while talking to my friend in Vancouver on Saturday, I had told her about the dream and she had suggested that I google them to see if I could find out info/pictures. I did so on Monday, but did not find anything. However, I got rather obsessed and began to google just about anybody I had ever known LOL, or so it seemed. It was pretty fun. I found Pauline who was an intern at WUSC the same summer that I was interning there in Ottawa. She is in Montreal now, attending the university I attended when I lost touch with her (strange how I lost touch with her after I moved only a 2 hour drive away as opposed to a 4 day drive?!). I found Lindsay who I lived with for 6 months whilst we were working in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. He had won some award at law school in Ottawa. I found Dana who had been my roommate in Victoria my last year there, and a good friend of mine until those last few months in Victoria, and we haven't spoken since. Her picture was on a work website (in Edmonton I believe). Most of these people had email addresses attached with their information and I contemplated briefly whether I should contact them...I would love to hear from all three of them, but I guess I found it kinda weird contacting them, like they would wonder, why I was looking them up after all this time...So, I didn't.

Well, I have an assignment due tonight for which I have not finished the readings, and I have two big papers due next week, and my students are writing a big unit exam tomorrow and Friday which means that I will have 120 unit tests to grade this weekend too....you may not hear from me for a week. LOL

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So, I went to Costco today to pick up my Clomid for next cycle. I will be up to 150mgs and pray that there is some response to the meds this time...I have really been struggling with this this week. I just have no idea what I will do if Clomid doesn't work, I just can't seem to justify the cost risk of injectable meds...I know I shouldn't be thinking about that yet anyway, but it is there, always in my head...

Anyway, so yeah, I went to Costco after school. I dropped off my prescription and then quickly ran around the store picking up a few things: water, sugar snap peas (I am so addicted to these), carrots, lettuce, muffins (my downfall...), and toilet paper. You see, I had a coupon for 3 dollars off the toilet paper and I had been waiting for weeks for the coupon to be valid to go get more tp...

I then got back in the pharmacy line to pick up my prescription. When it was my turn, there were two cashiers who opened at the same time, and naturally, I chose the slow one AGAIN. Anyway, so she eventually came back with my prescription (after two people had been helped with the other cashier). As she was ringing it up she goes, "so you guys are working on something, huh?". It took me a minute to even figure out what in the heck she was talking about, then I just said , "I hope so". What am I supposed to say to that? I thought it was pretty odd really..and then I swear I saw her noticing that I had no wedding ring shortly after saying that..LOL.

Then I get in line to buy my other items, and miracles of all miracles, the lane next to me opens up and I am the first one. Woohoo! I was so excited and quickly unloaded my cart. She was so fast and I paid and started walking away, and....you guessed it. I forgot to use my stupid coupon. LOL. Sigh...

Unrelated to Costco, I realized that I forgot to blog about something from my dinner "party" LOL Friday night. My friend brought me a gift, but not just any gift, a gift for Baby! Hehe. A cute little hat for winter, and great colours, blue and purple. Hehe. Baby just got his/her first gift from someone other than me! :)