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I began my TTC journey in January 2005. It finally worked with the 5th IUI and along came Eliana! I started trying for a second (T42) a little over a year later, and was thrilled to get pregnant on the second try this time. Jacob soon joined our family! Not sure if I am done at two, but come along for my journey in motherhood. If you stop by, please leave me a short note! I like to know when I have visitors. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Presentation Weekend

I know that I talked about this somewhere here...either in a post or in a comment.

Anyway, this weekend is Presentation weekend at my church (and I have learned, churches around the country). During services this weekend, couples will be asked to come forward if they are experiencing difficulty in having children (through TTC or adoption) and then they will be prayed for by members of the church.

I plan on making it to church tonight since I have a blood draw appointment tomorrow for my progesterone. However, I won't be responding to the call...I am too shy and worried that they wouldn't accept me anyway cause I am single.

BUT, I did do something else...on the church's website there was a link to email them if you couldn't make it to the service and wanted to be prayed for...So, I sent an email. Stupid me, I am too honest and I TOLD them I was single...so I don't know whether or not they will add me to their list....

Anyway, it never hurts to have God on your side. :)

Edited to add: So I went to the service this evening. They also had a card to fill out if you wanted prayer...I filled it out. They now have my name from two places...The pastor said that one year they had a single woman who wanted a child and they prayed and she is now married and TTC. While I would love to get married, I am so over waiting for that...it just isn't going to happen and I am going to be a mom one way or the other...Anyway, it will be interesting to see if anyone calls/emails.

I don't want to!!

OK...I feel like a little kid today. I KNOW I have lots and lots of school work that must be done...but I just plain do not want to do it.

I have assignments due by midnight in my Models of Teaching and my Principles of Language instruction classes and two papers due for Monday for my Research Evaluation class, and I should do next week's readings for all modules on the weekend, because I never have the energy during the week....

But, I just can't get motivated. I would much rather be quilting...I have even felt an urge to clean?! but instead, I am sitting here completely doing nothing, because I am frozen between what I WANT to do and what I HAVE to do....

Oh man...

Not so bad..

Having read many studies and anecdotal evidence that caffeine is EVIL especially for implantation, I have given up my morning pick-me-up. Truth is, I started this long process this summer when I mixed me regular coffee with half-caf, and then proceeded to just half-caf, followed by 1/2 half-caf and 1/2 decaf, and while that can is not completely out yet, I am in my first 2ww(2 week wait) and so I have switched to just decaf this week.

Originally, I had bought a jar of instant Nescafe that was decaf, but then I discovered that there was actually ground decaf, and this is what I have been drinking. It's not bad at all. In fact, I really haven't noticed hardly any difference in taste.

Yesterday, I bought a gift card for the kind teacher who switched rooms with me this week after the career centre fiasco. While at Starbucks, I even picked up my favourite latte, toffee nut, in decaf...again, quite good.

So, what's the big deal?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Not nearly as fun as the "traditional" way...

HOLY COW, it was painful.

Let me start by saying I have never had a painful pap test, so I assumed inserting the speculum would be the same feeling, uncomfortable, yes, but not painful.

Well, I was supposed to have IUI with the nurse, but for some reason that other RE I saw last week who told me I wouldn't ovulate did my IUI. I got the feeling she had never done one before as the nurse told her what everything was for when she came in?

Anyway, I don't know what she did wrong, but I was in so much pain, she had to remove the speculum, wet it with water (apparently you can't use any lubricant even though the sperm will not be in your vagina?? I didn't understand that), and then try again. I was seriously laying there thinking that I didn't know if I could even go through with it...that painful. And I generally have a good pain tolerance.

The second time there was more discomfort than normal, but it was nothing like the first time. Once the speculum was in place, the rest was easy, and no discomfort.

Post-thaw I had 22 million motile sperm...they had 77% motility, which seemed like a good number.

She told me to wait there 20 minutes with my hips raised (the table bent to aid in this). I didn't have a watch, so she set a timer?! LOL. :) The timer didn't work though, so I may have stayed longer...who knows.

In any case, swimmers are on board...now I need to convince the egg and sperm to get together;)

Monday, January 24, 2005


So, I didn't even get a chance to think about OPKs this morning. I had students coming in for frantic last minute practice/help, and papers to mark that I had meant to do on the weekend, and then I had to set up my little testing station in the Career centre.

I was in the career centre because my room is in a weird place and there is no actual hallway, pretty much just part of another teacher's room, so i needed somewhere that I could test separately.

Anyway, so the lady who works in the career centre was hypersensitive to ANY noise, and she just kept stressing me out ALL DAY.

Plus, the principal came to talk to me this morning about Sally (apparently mom DID call the superintendent)...he suggested we offer her an opportunity to write the test and that it wouldn't count except in dire need to keep her grade...We actually had offered this to mom during the conference, but she had turned it down. We will see what she said to him.

After school, I went to go to my parent conference (different kid), but it was cancelled. Then I went to find a different place for testing tomorrow because the career centre WILL NOT WORK. A kind fellow teacher agreed to switch rooms with me.

Next, I went down to my room and decided, why not pee on ONE more stick...so I did, and it was 100% definitely, absolutely, positive. So, I called the clinic to see if there was any possibility I could get an ultrasound appointment today at such a late time. Turns out my RE had a cancellation, and off I went!

Lining was good at 12mm, lots of miniscule follicles on the left ovary (typical PCOS) and......one nice 20mm follicle on the right!

SO....first IUI is back on, tomorrow afternoon at 3:15!!! Wish me luck, everyone!:)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday thoughts

I actually woke up early this morning, around 7:20am, and decided to actually get up. So, I made a wonderful breakfast and made it out to church for the first time this year. I debated how wise it was to go to church with so much to do (two papers that I must hand in tomorrow, and the week's assignments for my other classes..or at least get started on them as I won't have a lot of time this week), but I decided I really should and off I went.

Turns out that next weekend is presentation weekend at my church. This is where couples who are struggling to have children in their family (either through birth or adoption) are prayed for by the congregation. This is something they did last year and there were like 30 children as a result! Anyway, since I am not a couple, I can only assume that I will not be welcome, but maybe some of it will rub off on my anyway. LOL

After church, I went to Walgreen's to pick up various items. I investigated the cost of their OPKs (WAY too expensive), looked at the fertility monitor (out of stock), bought a second little pill holder thing so I can separate by morning and evening pills...(you would not believe the amount of pills I am taking these days...sheer craziness), looked at blood pressure monitors and bought one, and picked up some vitamin b 50 supplements because I have been told and read somewhere that they are helpful for fertility (but I don't remember what exactly...luteal phase I think, and I have a luteal phase defect).

I had actually researched blood pressure monitors online last night and almost purchased one, but then decided I would just check to see if they had one Walgreens. They didn't end up having the one I wanted and when I got home, I discovered that the cuff is too small for my arm...I will need to return it, maybe will purchase the online one if I ever get around to it again.

After that, I decided to try Long's drugs to see if they had the blood pressure monitor that I wanted, which they didn't, and to look at their OPK prices (slightly cheaper but still too high), and check out the fertility monitor. They did have one, but the box didn't tell me much, and it so expensive, that I just decided to stick with the frustrating OPKs and ultrasounds. I left without purchasing anything.

Then I went to KMart, and the OPKs were on sale again, so I picked up two boxes of 7, and they had the pregnancy tests that say pregnant/not pregnant (instead of lines) on sale too, so I picked up one of those boxes.

I was all set for fertility monitoring and headed home. I had planned to keep myself busy this morning you see so that I would have a full 4hours (as the instructions require) for the OPK. I POAS and got a much MUCH darker line on both the CBE and the Answer brands. The clearblue easy was still not completely the same darkness as the control line, but it is the darkest I have ever seen, and I have gone through MANY OPKs already.

I decided this was not definitive enough since it was not as dark or darker, so I held again in misery for an afternoon test, and this time, only a very faint line on the CBE, so faint that you need to know where to look.

So once again I am left wondering what does this mean? I happen to think that I had a real surge this morning since I had the faint line yesterday and the darker line today and the faint line again...but who knows.

I decided to just let this be a practice round since I probably couldn't even get in for an IUI anyway because of finals (there is no way I can have a sub).

So, my papers are still waiting for me, and I really must write them sometime. Catch you all later!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Dinner at a restaurant! and my adventures with the OPK

I figured I should also update on the rest of life these past few days as well.

Last week I was invited to go for dinner on this Friday (yesterday) with the other Spanish teacher, ASL teacher and French teacher + her husband. So, after school, I get a call from the French teacher to see if we are still on, and then I run home for an hour and a half before dinner. I enjoyed a full 70 minutes of playing the Sims...I am so bad...I made one of my Sims be a single mom of two...she is going crazy. Anyway, and then I headed back to meet everyone for dinner.

We went to the Macaroni Grill and had a wonderful time. I so rarely go out as I don't know many people, so this was really fun. We had lots of laughs and great food and a great time was had by all. We get to repeat this in a couple weeks at the open house of the French teacher and her husband.

Today, I had to go get some routine blood tests for my diabetes. I slept in and didn't head out until almost 9, and turns out I am so glad that I did. They only open at 9 and I had planned to be there at 8! So after my tests, I ran down to visit my aunt (the one recently diagnosed with Parkinson's) and to drop off a recommendation for my cousin. We had a good visit and once again she told me how she really hopes I have a baby soon while she can still hold and enjoy him/her. I assured I am doing the best that I can to make that happen! (she is the only one in my family to know of my TTC efforts).

When I got home, I decided, what the heck, I would try the OPKs again now that I am getting closer to me "normal" ovulation time. (I also did one yesterday by the way...it was negative). Today, I got something very similar to what I had last week, a faint ClearBlue Easy and a positive Answer. I think the Answer was even darker than it was last time...I am going to do it again either tonight or tomorrow morning just because I want to see if I ever get a "true" positive. The way the OPKs work, a positive should be the test strip is the same darkness or darker than the control line...this system makes it all so difficult to read and guess which is darker or the same, etc.

I haven't decided whether I should call the RE and try an IUI if I do get a positive this cycle...I probably won't as I figure there is some reason why they cancelled it, right? If you have an opinion on this, let me know...I suspect the day will be sometime Monday-Thursday...(during finals, so I would definitely not be able to leave school early).

Whatever the case, I really hope that AF comes on her own by cd35...I really don't want to add on two+ weeks with the progesterone and then waiting for AF...

Sally update

Thank you all for your support and encouragement...here is the update.

Our meeting with the counselor was set for 8am on Friday. Fridays are busy days for me as I always set up board games and/or videos in my room during tutorial for my students on the last day of the school week for them to earn their pesos. I need to be there by about 6:15 to get everything all set up and ready and usually kids start arriving by 6:30.

Yesterday was no different.

Add on to that, kids in frantic mode as it was the last day of classes before semester finals so I had kids coming and going asking for grades, trying to finish up corrections, and wanting help studying, etc.

Tutorial ended at 7:30 and by 7:35 everyone was gone and I had a few minutes to pack up the games, put the chairs back in place, get the day's agenda on the board and our bellringer on the overhead, finishing typing in the grades of the assignment from the day before, and by 7:55, I was ready enough to leave for the conference.

I go up to the counseling office and the parent has not yet arrived. By 8:05 I said to the secretary that I couldn't wait all day (kids would be arriving at 8:25) and that I would wait 5 more minutes. Mom and daughter arrive at 8:08 and mom goes to check daughter in late to get her an excused pass.

We head into the counselor's office around 8:10. (do you know that as I type this my stomach is churning and my hands are clammy...that is how stressful this whole thing is)

Counselor asks me to repeat to mom and student the fact that even despite taking a 0 on this test, student still has an A. Mom says, that is not the point.

All of a sudden there is an excuse for why daughter couldn't make up the test in the week after the absence. Mom was out of town. I said to her, but daughter didn't tell me this. There was no effort made to tell me that there was a problem, just a week and a half later she wants to write the test.

Mom gets all upset at me and is very rude and angry to the point that the counselor has to jump in. Now, Mom attacks the counselor saying he does not support her, he takes the teacher's "side".

Counselor finally sends student out...as student leaves, she pleads "mom...". I honestly think she was embarassed.

Mom continues to attack both of us now and finally the counselor says that we need to stop this conference. Mom asks for the superintendent's phone number, which neither of us had, so the counselor gives her the district office number.

Conference is over at 8:24 and I run down to my room to open the door for the kids.

Now I am waiting for the dreaded call from the superintendent...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Evil Teacher

Apparently, that is me. LOL

Oh the joys of being a teacher. You know, some days, I just wish that none of my kids came with parents, LOL. What an awful thought, I know.

So, here was the main episode today. Sally* asks me yesterday during class if she can come in to take a test she missed. I tell her that I can't stay after school because I have an appointment and will in fact be leaving during 6th period, but that she can come in tomorrow morning.

She comes in this morning during tutorial, around 7:15, and asks to take the test. I say no problem, I grab the quiz from Friday and set her up with the tape recorder for the listening section. She comes back to me with the quiz a minute or two later and tells me that she has already taken this test.

I am confused.

I ask her if she is sure since this is the most recent quiz. She then tells me that it was a test from a week and a half ago when she was on a school related absence.

Being the mean, evil teacher that I am, I have rules. The biggest rule of mine is taught the very first day of class and repeated throughout the first month and sporadically throughout the year. My #1 rule: Three days to make up work missed during an excused absence.

I politely tell Sally that it is too late to make up this test. I remind her that she knew we were having a test on that day and that she knew she was going to be away, so I expected her to make it up the first day back, but she had had three days.

She screams, "this is unacceptable, I am calling my mother." And leaves.

Within 5 minutes, I notice there is a message on my phone. I don't understand why I didn't ring and went immediately to voice mail, but that is fine. Mom leaves a message saying that she can't believe that I expect so much from my students and please call her back immediately.

I call mom.

Mom starts with the nice pleasantries for 30 seconds and then becomes irrate: I obviously have not had my syllabus approved by the school board and she is going to take this up with them, I expect too much from my students, blah blah blah...

I remind her that this rule is clearly laid out in the course syllabus and I would be happy to send home another copy.

"No, I don't need another copy," she tells me.

She tells me, "Sally asked you yesterday if she could make up the test and you had some doctor or dentist appointment or something." (hello??? has she never had to go to the doctor before????????) "She came in early today to take this test." (early?? tutorial starts at 7:05, the "start" time of school, the time she should have been in my room, the time by LAW that school starts...)

I calmly explain to Mom that I am sorry about the confusion. I assumed she wanted to make up the recent quiz or I would have explained this to her yesterday.

Mom tells me, "well you should have asked her which one? she shouldn't have to tell you!" huh??

I don't really remember all that conspired after this point...she was out of control and at one point I just told her,"I think we should meet with the counselor present"

Meeting is Friday morning. (not during tutorial mind you...that would inconvenience her...it is at 8 am..during my plan).

*Note that names have been changed to protect the identity of the student, and to cover my butt. :)

Life outside TTC

I am busy in life other than TTC these days...this is the last week before semester finals for my kiddos. Yesterday we went over the final (an oral interview with me for 3-5 minutes), and some (particularly 2nd period) looked like deer caught in headlights...scared to death and not ready. So, I have three more days to prepare (or frighten) them.

My aunt has not been feeling well and goes back to the specialist on Friday. :(

My last quarter of grad classes is in full swing. My on-campus course has quite a bit of work if you ask me...two papers a week and one bigger paper at the end. My other grad class is not so bad, but the professor won't post the next module until Mondays which only gives me Tues and Wed to get my work in by the Wed night deadline (because I have class on Monday nights). This sucks because I usually do work on the weekends...too tired during the week. Finally, the ESL class I am taking is boring as hell...but I will survive.

Doctor appointment today after school to check my BP. Hopefully it is below 135/80 as she wants...

Gotta run to school!:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Much ado about nothing...

Or so it seems.

So this morning I call the clinic right at 8 when they open to talk to them about my appointment this afternoon and whether I should have an IUI or an ultrasound or what. I talk to the nurse and she says I need to come in earlier than my 4:00 appointment if I am going to have an ultrasound and IUI. So I get an appointment for 2:15, and call the school secretary to get someone to cover my last class (which also happens to be my worst behaved class...)

When I get in for the ultrasound, I have a different doctor. Apparently she is new to the clinic but used to work with them all when they were part of the university hospital, she seems very nice. They have this very large monitor hanging from the ceiling so the patient can see everything too..kinda cool. Anyway, so in goes the ultrasound and my lining is looking good she says (8.5...whatever that means...). Then she peeks over at the ovaries and says 5 under 10 on the left and "many" on the right. She then proceeds to tell me that I am not going to ovulate this cycle.

So, we are back at the beginning...waiting for my period so I can start another cycle, this time on 100 mgs Clomid...

What weird and disturbing things will happen to me this time on the Clomid? LOL

Monday, January 17, 2005

OPK confusion

I just did my afternoon OPK. I have started collecting in a dixie cup because it is easier for me to ensure there was enough on the stick. Anyway, I did a clearblue easy OPK and as it was going through, it looked like a faint line (before the 3 minutes was up), and for some reason, I thought, let me try the Answer ones too (because someone had said they didn't work).

After I had dipped the Answer OPK in the cup, I disposed of the urine and cup, left the room for 3 minutes and came back.

It is definitely positive on the Answer brand, and light on the Clear blue easy brand.

So now I am confused...LOL. I have an appointment tomorrow for a follicle check, and can't figure out what to do right now. Should I call and change it to the IUI? Or? So confused...and why don't they BOTH say positive...oh the joys of peeing on sticks.;)

POAS and other things...

I have been POAS (peeing on a stick) obsessively the past few days...searching for O (ovulation). It is cd13 and I am ready to get a positive OPK...I am becoming very anxious here. LOL. :) Most of what I have read and heard says O usually comes 5-9 days after your last Clomid pill, which means yesterday until Thursday.

Last night I had a wonderful dream...I was at a friend's parent's house and I POAS to test for pregnancy. I didn't have time to wait for it at his house so threw it in my coat and we went out to the car with his sister and her gf and he grabbed the stick. He didn't know how to read it and said, "what does two lines mean?" and I started to cry saying "it worked!".

Then my alarm went off and I woke up to temp for my chart.

Now, this actual scenario can't happen again until next Christmas as he lives in France and I live in WA and our parents live in Canada...but it sure was a nice dream for a moment!:)

I am having some troubles with not always receiving email notification when people leave comments on my blog...anyone else having this problem?

Well, I am off to make some breakfast and then I am sure I will do some more obsessing...I literally can look at my chart like 10 times a day..and why? Unless I put new info on it, it doesn't tell me anything! LOL. If you all want to obsess over it too, the ticker at the top of the page is linked to my chart. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Man, I wish I knew what I did right this week. For two months now, I have plateaued with the weight loss. Sometimes I might have gained one pound and sometimes I lost one pound...but when it came down to it, I was always the same weight on Saturday mornings (my "official" weigh-in day). I have stopped tracking points with Weight Watchers, and even cancelled my membership. I haven't exercised on a regular basis. I have all the stuff to do the Diabetic exchange lists, but I haven't sat down to plan anything...I haven't even eaten the best things that I should (not as many veggies as I should have, and I had Kraft dinner for supper one night). However, SOMEHOW, I lost 5 pounds this week. That's right, 5 freaking pounds?!

Man, I wish I knew what I did right, because I would like to repeat that!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Clomid update

Many people have been asking about how I have handled the Clomid. The truth is, until today, I had absolutely no side effects. That concerned me a bit as I wasn't sure it was working...guess we will see next week. (ultrasound for follicle check is a week from today).

Today, however, I had my first "hot flash" (common side effect of Clomid). Or, at least I think I did. I thought I wouldn't mind hot flashes cause I am always SOO cold, but it turns out it wasn't just all about feeling overly warm. I was in the shower this morning, rinsing shampoo out of my hair. All of a sudden, I felt like my arms were lead and I couldn't hold them up and I felt hot and clammy and sick to my stomach. I couldn't do anything but turn the shower off and just sit there holding a garbage can in front of my face in case I puked...I was frantically trying to think what I was going to do for sub plans as I thought I had come down with the flu, and then, about 3-5 minutes later, it was done, and I felt fine...

Very strange.

It was not pleasant, however, if that is the only side effect I have and it only lasts one day for 5 minutes, I can handle Clomid. :)

Now, I am just ready to start peeing on sticks...technically, i am not supposed to begin until Monday, but I think I will start on Friday. Besides, I have this weird feeling like my abdomen is "full"...makes me think that the eggs are all ripe and ready to pop. :)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Grow, little eggies, grow!

Yes, if you were not aware of this earlier, I am certifiably crazy. LOL. :)

Yesterday was my first day on Clomid. I was quite fearful really since I have heard of some women who have had horrible side effects while on this drug. Nothing horrible has happened to me though, other than some slight dizziness, which I get every now and then no matter what I do.

I envision Clomid as like miraclegro for my eggs. I have been rubbing my belly and encouraging them...Grow little eggies grow! I am hoping to encourage them to get nice and big. We will worry about the fertilization part in a few weeks. :)

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Out here in the Seattle area, we don't get snow THAT often which means that when we DO, the whole city panics. LOL.

Well, we have had the threat of snow for the past week...it was apparently snowing an hour north of here today, and it is raining here now....so might there be some white stuff when I awaken?

I am torn you see...In Canada, I am all for snow days, a nice surprise day off. Here, however, a snow day means you get a day off in January that you need to make up at the end of the school year...that just plain sucks. So, I really don't know if I am hoping for snow or not...but I sure do keep checking outside;)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


OK, so she is early, and generally this is a very very bad thing when TTC, but since it means that my first cycle is now starting, I am ecstatic!!

Today is cd1 (cycle day 1). I called to set up my ultrasound appointment for cd13 hopefully (RE said cd14 or cd15 but this month cd13 is a holiday which would mean I wouldn't have to take off work for sure...). I got an answering machine (well, I could have stayed on the line, but I didn't want to risk students showing up and having to say follicle check, IUI, INSEMINATION, or something like that..ahhaha) so I left a message that was probably too confusing for them to do anything about...guess we will see.

Anyway, so I am at school, and students are now starting to come in, but I just had to share my exciting news! Today after school I get to visit with the nutritionist (finally) for instructions on my diabetic diet..if anything exciting is said, I will share when I get home.

:) so excited...I am starting!!!:)

Edited to add: ultrasound scheduled cd14, which is january 18th, and late enough that I don't have to take the day off!:)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

RE appointment

Thanks for all the hugs, prayers and warm wishes when i was in such a slump...they were really appreciated. :)

So, today, I had my last check-in appointment with the RE before getting the green light to begin with IUI. I left school early (school ends at 2:00 but our contract is until 2:20...I figure the fact that I get to school every day at least 30 minutes before contract time buys me a few days to leave early) and then was stopped in the parking lot by a fellow teacher who wanted to chat about my car (he is thinking of buying a focus). I still managed to get out of the school parking lot by 2:18 (yes I checked) and made it to the fertility clinic (in downtown Seattle) by 2:45! I don't know how I did that, but that was amazing. LOL. It didn't matter though because I ended up waiting about 40 minutes to see the doctor.

Waiting in the waiting room is really strange. First, it doesn't look like a clinic at all, but rather some official business office right with a big conference table off to the side (never figured out what that is for yet...). Today, was the first time that I saw a variety of different waiting people. Usually, there is like one other woman waiting. Today, there was one woman waiting when I came in, and three more came in shortly after me. Then a man came in by himself (strange...I have NEVER seen a man by himself...probably only seen about 3 men there ever!!), and a lesbian couple. There was this one woman there who I loathed..hahha I wonder if she felt my loathing. Anyway, skinny, tall, blond woman with an absolutely ridiculously sized ring which I took to be a wedding/engagement ring since it was on her ring finger. I am talking completely disgustingly huge...the stone part (not being a big ring person don't know what one calls this section but am sure you know what I mean) was as wide as her entire finger and a little more so and taller than between the knuckle that reaches your hand and the first digit!! I don't know, I just found it offensive. LOL. But really annoyed me was that I was literally sitting on my hands I was so cold, and she was wearing thongs, a short skirt, a shirt and a very light sweater which she took off five minutes after sitting down!!!

OK, while I could tell you interesting tidbits and details of all of us in the waiting room today, I will refrain.

Anyway...so I went in to see the doctor, and she was pleased to see that my entire to do list had been checked off and completed (OK...so the exercise thing has not been very good...but she asked if I exercised and the answer was yes....thankfully she didn't ask how often). I showed her my chart and told her how it seemed I ovulated, to which she agreed. She was distressed by my low low temp today (as was I...quite shocked really, even temped twice this morning I was so shocked), and concerned that I may have a luteal phase defect or LPD(something which Fertility Friend had warned me about a couple years ago..) No worries though, this is something that is a relatively easy fix.

She prints off the instructions for scheduling IUIs and ultrasounds, as well as instructions for a progesterone pool test to check on my possible LPD. She thinks my dip in temps means AF (aunt flo) is coming very soon (as do I since I have been a bit crampy), and once that starts we are off and running!!!

Once AF comes, this is the plan:
50 mg Clomid days 3-7
OPK (ovulation predicter kit) day 13 on until positive
ultrasound #1 day 14 or 15
if ultrasound shows follicle 24mm or higher, HCG trigger shot and IUI next day
if ultrasound shows follicle less than 24mm, wait a few days, keep testing with OPK and
if positive OPK, inseminate (IUI) next day
if not, second ultrasound approximately 4 days after first and follow previous instructions

if no follicular response, take progesterone for 10 days and with the new cycle up to 100mgs Clomid

So....I am eagerly waiting Aunt Flo...come on in dear, I am ready to get started!!:)