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I began my TTC journey in January 2005. It finally worked with the 5th IUI and along came Eliana! I started trying for a second (T42) a little over a year later, and was thrilled to get pregnant on the second try this time. Jacob soon joined our family! Not sure if I am done at two, but come along for my journey in motherhood. If you stop by, please leave me a short note! I like to know when I have visitors. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bad case of writer's block

Freaking out here. Four more days (not including this evening) until my four papers are due. It would be easiest if that meant one paper a day, but since I have staff meeting tomorrow after school, and then of course it is good TV night, I doubt that is going to happen. So, we are looking at 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I am really feeling the pressure right now.


All I want to do is sleep. LOL. I think I am about to head to bed before 9 for the third night in a row. Although, tonight I think it is probably due to a sugar high...I made brownies for no good reason. :)


BTW, Carrie, are you still out there in blogland? Your link isn't working...


Blogger Tin Foiled said...

You don't need me to tell you what to do...

VCR. Decaf coffee. Desk. Write.

(My fingers are crossed for you!)

March 30, 2005 10:36 PM  
Blogger carrie said...

Good luck with everything!

And yes, I'm still around, at an alternate address while some server issues are fixed. I think I'm going to have to break down and pay for web hosting instead of relying on the generosity of friends.

March 31, 2005 3:05 PM  

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