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Monday, November 29, 2004

First diabetic school day...

So today was the first day that I spent at school with my monitor and everything. I was able to do my after breakfast poke since I eat at 5:30 and that would make the poke due at 7:30. (I have first period plan). It was quite high again. I really think some of my other medications affect this number cause when I am at home and can separate the pills, my numbers are better....just a thought.

Anyway, so then, I instinctively grabbed a granola bar and forgot about the yoghurt the nurse and I had talked about...bad idea. I then taught two periods and did my next before lunch poke at 10:40 (this is when my lunch begins)...I couldn't get it, I had to poke myself 5 times again, and I had kids standing there trying to get me to help them with things, and I was hungry, and my number was too was a nightmare.

So, I did not check after lunch. I had had too much trauma with this last one and besides, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find time unless I am going to do it in front of a room full of kids...not a bright idea for them to know that there are needles lying around. (not so worried about those lunch kids..those are the great kids who come in at lunch to do anything and everything they can for extra credit to keep their grade over 100%).

After school, I rushed up to the cafeteria where I had to supervise poster painting for homecoming for two hours. I had made the kids some cookies and tried one myself. Bad idea. BUT, I suppose something good came out of it. I FELT weird after eating it. So, I just stuck to my whole wheat bagel and pistachios. (carbs and protein...aren't I good?) ;)

I didn't test again until AFTER supper tonight. I was so bad today with testing....but my fingers, and my wallet, can't afford all this poking in a day.


Blogger carrie said...

Sorry your first school day with the monitor didn't go better for you. I'm sure it will get easier.

Pistachios...yummy. I keep a container of pistachios on my desk at work for afternoon snacks. I like them because they're crunchy and salty kind of like chips, only better for you! I limit myself to 15 a day.

Although I'm not really following the South Beach Diet that closely anymore, the recipes and meal plans are really nice and fit in pretty well with a diabetic lifestyle. My mom is able to eat pretty much anything in the book.

Just to give you an idea of what I eat in a normal day (I'm not diabetic, but do have a family history, so I'm trying to watch out for sugar):

Breakfast: usually either scrambled eggs or oatmeal
morning snack: container of sugar free, fat free yogurt
lunch: Lean Cuisine meal
afternoon snack: the aforementioned pistachios, or if I'm feeling daring, a fun size candy bar
dinner: lean meat or fish, some type of green veggie, and a salad.

I'm having to increase my carb intake because of my training schedule. It's funny, when I was on SBD, I was reading labels and looking at carb grams and freaking out when the amount was too high. Now I'm buying those energy gels to take on long runs that have over 40 grams of carbs in about 2 oz of gel. I think I was losing weight so fast for a while there because of not modifying my diet correctly to suit my activity level.

Speaking of activity, did you sign up for the aquacize class? ;)

November 29, 2004 9:46 PM  
Blogger Katrina said... biggest enemy. I LOVE carbs, I like the "healthier" carbs for the most part...but I like carbs just too much that they really are my downfall. However, I have been working on that...

I did not join 24 hour fitness (with the aquasize), I just decided I would save that money for babymaking and try to exercise more at home. The truth is, if I can't get myself to do it here, I doubt I will get myself to a gym either;)

One of my big problems with my blood sugar appears to be my breakfast (a bowl of cereal). That seems to be when my blood sugars really soar. I was eating Kashi Go Lean for a while, but it is so expensive for that little box so I went back to my old staple of Corn Flakes. I bought some more Go Lean again this last trip and am going to try and stick with that and see if it helps (tons of protein and fiber in that cereal...)

Anyway, I am trying, and some days I wonder why when I know any weight I lose will be gained at family does NOT eat right, LOTS of carbs and starches with just about every meal...

November 30, 2004 9:04 PM  

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