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I began my TTC journey in January 2005. It finally worked with the 5th IUI and along came Eliana! I started trying for a second (T42) a little over a year later, and was thrilled to get pregnant on the second try this time. Jacob soon joined our family! Not sure if I am done at two, but come along for my journey in motherhood. If you stop by, please leave me a short note! I like to know when I have visitors. :)

Friday, August 20, 2004

10 pm on Friday

OK, so it is 10 pm on Friday, August 20th. Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment at 8:30 am and then theoretically I am leaving immediately from the dentist for my Cross Western Canada adventure to arrive in Southeastern Alberta.

How far am I along on my paper you may wonder.

I wonder too...I have 1/3 of a page, a reference list and a title page, woohoo! Yippee for me!

I have had one cup o' coffee ( mugs are really like two) about 20 minutes ago...trying to keep it down to only once since I need to sleep so that I don't drive off the mountain!

Alas, dear reader, I must finish my paper. Please pray that I stay awake on my 18 hour ride through the Rocky Mountains...I shall meet up with you again next week when I return.

I am also hoping that I can keep off the 12.5 pounds I have lost to this point. To someone with little to lose, that may sound like a lot, but others in my shoes likely know how disappointing 12.5 pounds in the first 5 weeks is...oh well...I promised not to worry about the number so much as long as I was losing...just let me keep it off at home (not an easy feat since my parents like to eat out a lot, and I won't be doing my beloved exercise tapes...)

OK, toodle-loo!

Update: It is 11:30 pm. I just handed in the worst paper of my life. I expect below 50%..:( But as long as I get 18/60 I should get a B- in the course...again....what happened to my 4.0??? :(
I am off to load the dishwasher and clean out the car and then head to bed...I am really gone this time folks!


Blogger Tin Foiled said...

12.5 pounds in five weeks isn't insignificant -- extrapolate to your goal and you'll get there in a year, right?

Remember that you have a lifetime of eating and lifestyle habits to change. They say that the slower it comes off, the more likely your new lifestyle and weight will be supportable in the long term.

That may be small comfort, but the important thing is to do you best and not to give up! That 12.5 pounds is a victory, and halfway to a MAJOR milestone.

August 23, 2004 6:08 AM  
Blogger carrie said...

Congrats on your 12.5 pound loss! That's 2.5 pounds a week. Certainly nothing to sneeze at. Just remember, if you're trying to lose 100 pounds, that's 13% of your weight gone already.

Are you still smoke-free? That's been my biggest challenge -- trying to quit and also trying to keep my weight loss going. I've noticed that when I tried to quit, I felt the need to keep my hands and my mouth busy with bad-for-me snacks.

Keep up the good work!

August 23, 2004 4:43 PM  

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