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I began my TTC journey in January 2005. It finally worked with the 5th IUI and along came Eliana! I started trying for a second (T42) a little over a year later, and was thrilled to get pregnant on the second try this time. Jacob soon joined our family! Not sure if I am done at two, but come along for my journey in motherhood. If you stop by, please leave me a short note! I like to know when I have visitors. :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

So many milestones

Wow, it has been a long time since I actually wrote a post. And I really should be heading to bed. But, so much has been happening the last week and a half.

Eliana had two ear infections in October, two in 3 weeks, poor thing. It appears that she may be allergic to penicillin, the medicine they gave her the first time around.

I had been worried about her speech and language development because she only said aaaaa and never mimiced me, so the ped sent us for a hearing test. She passed, but they only did one ear because she was bored with the test after that. We go back in January for the other ear.

The night I took her to the doctor for her fever accompanying the second ear infection, was the night she all of a sudden decided to start babbling. And not just one sound, but many sounds, mostly da though. There are others, a lot of la's, and ba's, oh so many others...some that sound like some very foreign language.

A few days later, she made her first sign, "milk". She does it a lot now, while nursing, while drinking a bottle, while eating her solids, when she is actually hungry and wanting to do one of those things...

The next day, I felt something on her gums, and two days later, her first tooth broke through! Man, it sure hurts when she wants to chew on my fingers now! So far, no biting while nursing, thankfully.

And now, she is getting up on all fours and rocking..she can also move around by pushing off her toes and kind of catapulting herself forward...I think it won't be long before she is crawling.

There are updates in a nutshell...I can hardly believe she is already 8 months old!!!


Blogger tammy said...

holy cow!!! that little girl has taken off! what a busy week. they say it all passes so quickly but she's taken it to a whole new level. ;-)

enjoy all the new achievements! i struggle with being eager for them to come for my little one and for wanting him to stay just as he is. he's already changed so much!

November 07, 2006 5:01 PM  
Blogger Demeter said...


Eliana is soooo cuuuute! I saw your flicker photos. What a cutie!

November 11, 2006 7:07 PM  

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